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Our History

Pinnacle Hospitality Group is an operator, owner and developer of lifestyle & select service hotels with its primary focus in the Coastal Region of Maryland, Virginia & Delaware. We offer a unique composition of expertise as a hotel management, investment, and development company. Our concentration is on strategic hotel development and acquisition of premier select-service hotels, located in areas with high barriers to entry where value can be added through management, design, branding and service excellence.

Pinnacle Hospitality partners with architecture firms, design and construction teams to lower coordination risk on new developments.

This integrated approach creates a system in which our team is fully accountable for the success of every investment. Additionally,

Central to Pinnacle Hospitality's core investment strategy is value creation through distinctive design, branding and management. Our philosophy is to identify opportunities where we can add value through improved hotel operations, changes in brand affiliation and property enhancements. Our focus is to obtain the highest possible returns through finding assets at or below market value and to explore hotel development options that meet and exceed company standards.

Our accomplished firm optimizes its in-house resources to minimize risks ensuring maximum returns for hotel, land owners and joint venture partners.

Our Location and Plans

Headquartered in Ocean City, MD, Pinnacle Hospitality is continuing to grow through hotel acquisitions, development and the formation of its full-service management company.

As of 2018, Pinnacle Hospitality portfolio includes three open hotels, two hotels under construction, and two sites under contract and in the entitlement process. In addition to the sites controlled by Pinnacle Hospitality, we are pursuing a pipeline of new projects in premier markets across the North East.

Our extensive knowledge of major U.S.  coastal areas coupled with the strength of our cooperative brand partnerships enable us to identify quality markets, locate prominent sites, and secure the licenses for the best available brands. 

Brand Support and Management

Over the past decade, the hotel industry has exploded with new brands and concepts; therefore, navigating the course of franchise affiliation demands effective choices and decisions. When helping you to determine how to brand your property, Pinnacle  Hospitality's first step is to conduct market research that aids in matching a franchise to the unique supply and demand characteristics of your operational market. After working with you to develop the best fit, our brand management professionals will then implement the brand concept and augment brand resources where necessary.

Once selected, the Pinnacle team manages this affiliation in order to maximize a brand’s contribution to the success of the hotel. Hotel brands can provide significant resources; however these resources are most productive when implemented correctly, utilized proficiently and fully supported by external sources; that is where Hostmark brand management can truly make a difference in your success.

Design and Construction

Pinnacle Hospitality has completed “ground-up” projects with varying degrees of complexity and challenge, each new-build client benefiting from our extensive knowledge of construction, as well as the ability to put additional resources in place that direct project support from conception to completion. With new construction, it is our goal at Pinnacle Hospitality to utilize architectural, interior design, construction and project management professionals to create the optimum development results for our clients.

We can provide a full array of pre-opening technical services for our development clients including:

Feasibility analysis
Franchise affiliation alternatives
Design evaluation
Construction cost analysis
FF&E purchasing and cost efficiency studies
Installation management

Finance and Accounting

Containing cost, managing assets and balancing risk with reward are functions of dependable finance and accounting oversight. Pinnacle Hospitality can assist in this critical function for any hospitality venture through the utilization of a variety of modeling and planning tools which can be integrated into any hotel or resort. These systems are designed to maximize the potential for scalability, and can be used either as a centralized unit, or within a property’s current system.

From the start of the budgeting process through development of the annual Marketing Plan, from weekly forecasting to fully customized reporting modules, data integration and analysis is handled within the our system, increasing profitability through innovation.

Pinnacle offers a wide range of financial and accounting services, which include the following:

Operational financial statements
Internal and operational audits
Assistance to outside independent auditors
Cash flow analysis
Financial narratives
Self-funded, Hostmark Care trust to provide health and benefit insurance for associates
Use of independent tax consultants to reduce real estate tax burdens
Centralized accounting system
Comprehensive property/casualty risk management plans
Safety and training tools that can reduce Workers’ Compensation claims

Human Resources

People make up organizations and especially in the hospitality industry, hiring the right people to interact with guests is critical. Human Resources takes a bulk of the hiring process off the shoulders of the hotel manager.


The marketing department uses targeted, cost-efficient marketing strategies to grow the recognition of every hotel and its brand. In this digital age, much of the focus is paid to internet marketing programs and the website, which ultimately gains the most revenue per reservation. Using tools and platforms including pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, social media, PR, search engine optimization, localized marketing and more, the ultimate goal is to drive foot and web traffic directly to the hotel.

Reputation Management

Amidst a heavily social landscape, understanding the value and need for constant online reputation management is a staple of our brand and hotels. The reputation management team collaborates with hotel owners and managers to review digital mentions and formulate a plan for responses, potential solutions and to get ahead of future opportunities. With tools like Revinate, the team constantly monitors and tracks what is being said online about every hotel in real time, and uses this information for recommendations. Our team is committed to success by garnering positive feedback and, in turn, loyal guests.

Sales and Training

Sales activity is the backbone of hotel advancement so creating a hyper-local sales plan geared directly toward prospects is essential. Experienced sales professionals learn the strengths of each hotel to advise team members and support lead generation. Sales training sessions – whether face-to-face, over the phone, or by webinar – provide hotel staff the opportunity to learn the most effective selling techniques for the given marketplace.

Total Revenue Management

Using a teamwork approach to revenue management, total revenue management is a cooperative arrangement between each hotel and the revenue management team to develop a tailored revenue plan for each property. Through a collaborative effort, a strategy is developed based on the hotel’s local market and other factors, so maximum profit can be achieved effectively. The combination of working hand-in-hand with each hotel and utilizing the local market knowledge, delivers a significant advantage to our partners.